Rules for Members.

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Rules for Members.

Post  Jay_Delgado on Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:14 pm


They are on a wall in Jal's House but you must rp turning the UV Light on, and regular light off to see the writing

1. Only way out is in a box.
2. Do not disrespect anyone, unless they disrespect you, and if they are a Crip Disciple speak to a higher rank.
3. Do not Sell anything in The Blue.
4. You must be Loyal.
5. No Snitchin.
6. Don't do narcotics, Only Weed.
7. Never Steal from Crip Disciple Members.
8. Respect and Follow the rules.
9. Don't Shoot unless shot at, or forced into a position where you have to, or ordered to by a higher rank.
11. Never have a gun out in the hood unless absoloutely necessary
12. Never talk to people that arent in the gang about your orders, ranks or names.
13. Disobey these rules and you die.
(All Ls-Rp Rules Apply)

"Pumpkin Head Deluxe"
A Punishment for breaking one of the rules.

Pumpkin head deluxe: When you beat the shit out of somebody so bad till there face and head is so swolen that there it looks like a rotting pumpkin

If you break the rules over and over, you will be Killed.


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